The people behind the scenes

 The people behind the scenes of NJRC New York office

Akiva Tepper:

Akiva, is one of our Case Managers, networking those in need with the appropriate organizations and individuals. Akiva’s volunteer work began years ago. While growing up he saw his parents constantly involved in Chesed and helping those in the community. In high school Akiva volunteered his time at Chai Lifeline, and summers in Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special, camps designed for children with cancer and chronic life long illnesses respectively.  After moving to Waterbury, CT Akiva founded Community Services and Resources, providing a liaison between the Greater Connecticut Jewish Community with local and state Police Departments, Hospitals and the State of Connecticut Medical Examiners office. At the same time Akiva continued volunteering with sick children with Kids of Courage, an all volunteer organization allowing the sickest children in our community go on unforgettable once in a lifetime trips. Currently, Akiva resides in the small Village of Cedarhurst with his wife and 4 children. Akiva is a volunteer for Hatzalah of The Rockaways and Nassau County.

 Yoel Schlesinger:

Yoel brings many years of experience in the medical field. As a dispatcher & volunteer driver for Chesed of Boro Park. Yoel assists patients and families in need of assistance with hospital transportation. He also provides them with information about Bikur Choim rooms & Hospital Liasons. Being an active volunteer with Chesed Shel Emes, an organization founded on assisting families in time of bereavment and grief , Yoel has been known to “drop everything” and get ‘down in the trenches” in critical situations. Yoel and many of his associates also ensure that the “Bikur Cholim” rooms in many Brooklyn Hospitals are stocked with an array of Kosher food before Shabbos. Yoel has a long history  of working with “Chai Lifeline” “Kids of Courage” “Mekimi” & many more. Yoel & his dedicated wife reside in Boro Park with their 2 beautiful children.

Director Yehuda "Jason" CohenYehuda “Jason” Cohen:

Dedicated to helping his fellow Jews, Yehuda is actively involved in many vital functions that greatly benefit community. He has been and continues to be a dispatcher for Flatbush Hatzalah for many years. He is also a volunteer member of the medical team of Kids of Courage. Many years ago, Yehuda entered the chesed field and was transporting patients and their families to and from hospitals, airports, etc for Chai Lifeline. Yehuda is also a volunteer for the Dept. of Religious Services at the New York City Department of Corrections and assists Jewish inmates when he can. With the help of Shloime Reichberg & Mekimi. Yehuda has arranged music and other forms of entertainment for various respite events throughout the tri-state area to benefit children who are in need of a refuah shelaimah. Obviously, he has become known by all as the go-to-guy who answers his phone 24 hours a day, and “makes it happen”. Despite all mentioned above, he is never too busy to help another person or start a new project, and attend to it all the way, to the very end. Yehuda together with the people mentioned above have founded the ASKAN.ORG project. Yehuda lives in Flatbush, Brooklyn together with his very supportive wife and daughter.

The people behind the scenes of NJRC New Jersey office

Elimelech Rubin

Eli Rubin can best be described as a multi-faceted businessman with management experience across a broad range of industries. Eli uses his business experience for his philanthropic work. He presently serves as the Executive Director for Mekimi of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, an organization he co-founded in 2003.  Mekimi is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that enriches the lives of hundreds of children and young adults who are suffering the debilitating effects of serious and long-term medical conditions.  Working as a supportive force on the long journey to recovery, Mekimi cheers and uplifts the spirits of patients and their families, thereby providing them with the emotional support, strength and willpower to brave their challenges and overcome their illnesses.

Mekimi has become, for a lot of families more than just a supportive force, and Eli has coordinated care and services, closely with other organizations, including Chai Lifeline, Lev Rochel Bikur Cholim, and sadly with the local Chevra Kadisha. Eli is known to respond to any need of a fellow human being, be it a medical crisis or financial crisis etc, Eli is there to help or get the “right” people involved. Eli believes that people generally want to help out, they just have to be approached and asked, and that is what he does.

Eli currently resides in Lakewood with his wife and five children, he attributes all his current Community and Chesed work, to his wonderful supportive wife, and to his upbringing, as growing up he saw his parents give their shirt of their backs to others in need.

Eli Senderovits

Eli Senderovits lives to help another human being. Chesed is ingrained in him, there is no other way. A person needs help no matter what the situation is Eli will be there for them 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Eli is the person that everyone in town turns to if they want to make sure that the issues are being dealt with. From the Mayor to the Police Liasons to the Chevra Kedisha, Eli is known to “pull through” when no one else can.

Eli serves as Chaplain and Liaison to many of  the local hospitals. He also volunteers his time as a clergy to the local Federal prison system.

Eli presently serves as the donor advocate for the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation, assisting the orthodox community, with bone marrow and stem cells transplants, thus actively saving many lives. Eli attributes his community and Chesed involvement to his parents, as that is what he saw at home. Among many other Chasadim his parents are involved with, his father an active member and Executive Director of Hatzolah, showed him that what really matters is helping a fellow man.

Eli ,currently resides in the Coventry Square neighborhood of Lakewood NJ together with his wife and son. 

The people behind the scenes of NJRC Connecticut Office

Chaim S Gewirtzman:

Chaim is someone that brings many years of medical experience, combined with his volunteer work and community activism to enhance our team’s credentials. When Chaim moved to Connecticut eight years ago. He began volunteering as a liaison at the local hospitals. In that capacity, Chaim was instrumental in bringing sensitivity trainings to the local hospitals to help the staff understand the Jewish patients unique needs. As co-founder of Community Services and Resources, Chaim has brought these educational sessions to local and state officials, hospitals and police departments. Chaim is known as the go to person should one need help in the New England area. He works closely with the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office. He is the supervisor for Chesed Shel Emes in Connecticut and is a Chaplain for the State Police. 

Chaim, together with his supportive wife, and precious daughters reside in Waterbury, Connecticut. As a family, they play a crucial role for Kids of Courage, as director of the logistical team. Chaim is the one that the community and it’s leaders turn to in their moments of crisis or need.

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