Message from our Director

In June of 2010 after receiving numerous requests for various forms of assistance, a number of members in the community realized the need of a central Chesed organization.

Very often people are in the need of help and don’t know where to turn.

ASKAN.ORG/National Jewish Resource Center assists these individuals and guides them to the best medical referral organizations, special education advocates, government and legal services, and even helps navigate people through the NYC Correctional institutions.

It may be a simple request “where can I get a wheelchair”? “Do you know where I can donate blood”? Helping people find employment. Or even something more complex like getting an inmate kosher food and Tefillin.

With the help of today’s advanced technology, requires no full time office staff. The founders of NJRC all have “full time jobs” and receive no compensation for their time or effort to help a person in their time of need.

We started the idea on a simple premise. To network volunteers and professionals from different Chesed organizations to help guide people in the time of need.’s goal is to have your community assist you in the time of need. We are constantly looking for more contacts and associates in all fields of healthcare, education, & government services.

Boruch Hashem from the small group of 5 people, we are now over 100+ on our Chesed Network list.

Our Twitter feed has over 700 followers. Many of whom “re-tweet” the requests that we post.

We are constantly looking for new ideas to assist the community.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Tizku L’mitzvos.

Yehuda “Jason” Cohen

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